6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire a Residential Tile Contractor

Getting the right residential tile contractor in Madison WI makes a difference. If you’re tired of the frustration and stress of dealing with dodgy and bad hires, then here’s a look at common hiring pitfalls you’ll want to sidestep over when you ask for help.

Not asking about insurance

When you hire a contractor for tile installation in Madison WI, one of the first things you should is: are you insured? S/he should be. If an accident happens and the technician is injured, you’ll be liable for the medical and hospital bills. Don’t take that risk. Hire a licensed professional.

Forgetting about experience

It pays to hire experienced residential tile contractors in Madison WI. The longer their experience in the field, the more competent they’re bound to be. Just make sure it’s relevant and meaningful experience. Ask about that before you hire the contractor for the job.

Not minding the time

When you hire a tiling contractor, determine the best time for the installation. A good contractor will advise you to schedule the job only after the HVAC system and windows have been installed in the property. That’s because flooring should be one of the last items to be installed before you start bringing in any furnishings. If the contractor doesn’t warn you of that, then it may be a good idea to keep looking.

Forgetting about cleanup

Installing tiling will lead to dirt, spatters and debris. Who’s going to clean that up? Sort out an arrangement with the firm before you proceed. Don’t assume that the firm will handle the cleanup. If they do, then that’s good. If they say they won’t, try to negotiate.

Leaving the floor unprotected

If you’re not ready to move in just yet and you want the floors to be protected, then have a bit of a talk with your contractors. They can put up a heavy-duty craft paper to prevent any damage to the surface.

Not discussing the payment

What kind of payment methods are accepted? What is the payment schedule? Some Madison WI tile installation companies or contractors want to be paid ahead of time. Some require a deposit. Find out which one applies in your case.


Get the right contractors on board your construction project by avoiding these hiring mistakes. Talk to Tile Specialists of Madison, LLC for further information about securing the services of residential tile contractors in Madison WI.

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