Commercial Applications

Tile flooring can offer all the features you need for your business.

Commercial Tile Installation

Your business needs durable and professional flooring. Whether you are looking to remodel an office, restaurant or storefront, your flooring should withstand heavy traffic without extreme wear and tear. Tile flooring can offer all the features you need, and commercial tile contractors can help you create a welcoming, long-lasting commercial space.

Professional Look

Few materials offer the professional look and feel of tile. Carpeting and vinyl can look informal, particularly in restaurant environments. At the Tiles Specialists of Madison, our tile contractors can create tile flooring solutions that work for you. Choose from a wide variety of tiling materials, colors and patterns to create the look that helps sell your business.

Durable Surface

With tile, you can enjoy durable flooring that can withstand repeated use. Only hardwood floors can match the long-lasting appeal of tile, and tile is less likely to be scratched or scuffed as furniture or other large objects are moved.

Consider each common type of tile for your business. Some options are less expensive but are prone to chipping, while others are more durable and shatter-resistant. Here are a few popular tile materials:

  • Stone tile

    Stone Tile

  • Brick tiles

    Ceramic Tile

  • Terrecotta tile

    Terracotta Tile

  • Metal tile

    Metal Tile

  • Marble tile

    Marble Tile

  • Granite tile

    Granite Tile

Each of these materials come with their own pros and cons, so discuss each option with our tile installation experts in order to determine the best material for your business. Some tiles, like ceramic, are easy to clean and create a mirror-like finish but can be more fragile to sudden impact. Other choices can be more durable, but have a rougher surface, like granite.

Simple Maintenance

Many companies, particularly restaurants, need to keep their floors clean throughout the day. Tile is an excellent option for easy maintenance and low facility costs. After tile installation, you can easily sweep, mop or vacuum your floors throughout the day. Frequent liquid spills on hardwood floors, carpeting or laminate flooring can quickly damage it and leave permanent stains. Enjoy easy cleanup every day with your new, durable floors.

Waterproof Materials

One of the most important features of any commercial floor is waterproofing. Choosing a textured tile can not only give you a waterproof surface that is free from mold and trapped moisture, you’ll also enjoy a non-slip surface that is easy to clean and looks professional.

Ceramic Tiles Power Cutter. Preparing Tile For Installation.

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If you’ve decided that tile is the best flooring option for your company, call our commercial tile contractors today to learn about installation. Our expert installers are able to quickly and professionally prepare, install and clean your floors for a quick remodeling project. We know your business needs to find a fast solution to floor remodeling, and we can help. Call us today at 608-770-1540 or check out our services. Durable, professional and easy to clean flooring is just a phone call away.