Tile Trends for 2020

When you remodel your home, you are focused on a lot of different aspects. While there is a lot to consider, you do not want to overlook one important aspect of any room: the tiles. You need to hire experienced tile contractors who will make sure your new home looks fantastic, and that means being aware of the hottest tile trends going into 2020.

Rare and Precious Stones

Tile flooring has gotten so sophisticated in recent years that manufacturers can mimic the aesthetic of rare stones. They can perfectly resemble the iridescence and movement of rare stones, making for a sustainable way to bring that look into your abode. This creates a majestic appearance for any master suite shower, and you can incorporate the stone onto the wall as well as the floor.


Another option for bathroom tile is to go for a speckled appearance. Any homeowner who likes the look of terrazzo should definitely consider speckled tire. The aesthetic opts for a postmodern touch that brings technology and nature into one space. Many homes are steering toward this style, so you may want to get a jump on it because it does not seem to be going away any time soon.


It is not just tiling you should consider. Many homes are bringing more greenery indoors. Flowers and other forms of flora are great to add because they help make a house feel cozier and more inviting. A splash of green on the tiles can help build onto this aesthetic. With this combination, you can bring nature inside for a unique look that is poised to break out in a big way in the coming year.

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